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Taks 3 - Wireless Networks


Task 3 involves the development of a wireless network. Data types, data rates, and connectivity are key elements that must be determined in this first year.


Other concerns include power consumption and radiation tolerance.  As a result the Igloo FPGA is currently being studied. As we progress through the project, the FPGA will be networked with the sensors and Radio Micro-Transceiver. 


What can be seen here is an actual output signal from the experimental FPGA.  This is an FSK (frequency shift keying) signal, which is essentially two outputs of different frequencies.  The frequencies are close in value to one another; one represents a logic "0", and the other represents a logic "1".  The reason this type of signaling was chosen is because it works particularly well for low-power and low-complexity designs, which is what Task 3 plans to acheive.